When we started Crosswise Custom Homes in 2014 we had to ask ourselves some basic questions. What qualities do people want in a home builder in Abilene, TX? How can we serve our customers in a different way than other home builders? What does it mean to be a true custom home builder?

The answer was and still is the same, custom design. We have built our business on the reputation of truly being custom, and we know that it’s all in the design. When you choose Crosswise Custom Homes to build your dream home, we work with you to design exactly what you want. We want to merge the ideas you have of your dream home with the latest trends in home building, ultimately creating a home that fits you perfectly. We believe that the only limits we have is your imagination.

As home builders we always cringe when we hear a customer say that a home is cookie cutter, and although we understand the logic and reasoning behind that observation, we have never wanted that to be our company. So with every customer, we design a house that fits that family and the land they choose to build on. In doing this, we made the decision to never build the same house twice.

It’s always going to be a challenge to build something truly unique, and it takes a tremendous amount of hands on work from our entire team in order to make our builds run smoothly, but we find it to be extremely satisfying to help our clients’ dreams and visions come to life. That is why when you choose Crosswise Custom Homes, you are truly getting what you bargained for, a custom home.

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