Now that you’ve found the location you’d like to have your new home, there are three largely important things you need to ask yourself. Is a water meter available? Is

electricity available? Is waste management going to be an issue? We recently had one of our professionals tell us that all of the good locations to build a house in this area are

taken, and now we are dealing with what is left. While we understand where he’s coming from on all the beautiful places that have been developed in West Texas, we know God took his time carving out our part of the world and there is still plenty of beautiful land left to build your family home. With home building continuously improving, we believe that there is no place that we cannot build as long as we can get water, electricity, and manage waste. We’ve also noticed a fourth thing that is becoming increasingly more important. Can we get internet? This is an important issue that grows with the increasing demands of our technological devices. We have no doubt that in the future your home will be fully functional and integrated, much like our cars are now, which should be discussed in a different blog. If we can answer these four questions in a positive way, then it is time to design your dream home. That’s where the magic begins!

If you would like to visit with us about building your dream home, call 325-261-1234!

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