How to find the right builder for your custom home

I’ve decided that maybe it is possible to build my dream home, and I know I need a good, honest builder, but I have so many questions it’s a little overwhelming to know where to start!    Do I need to buy land first?  What school district would I build in?  How much will it cost?  Do I know for sure what style of home I want to build?  There’s that cute farm house next to my aunt’s, I wonder who built that?  Gee, I really want to build a modern home, but I don’t see many of those in my area, can I find a modern home builder?  So many choices, where to begin?  I’m sure there’s books on this, but which book should I read and what if it doesn’t apply to my area, or my financial situation?  I could talk to a builder or realtor…..hope they’re not super aggressive like car salesmen.😳  I think I’m ready but where do I begin?

These are just a few of the things that might cross your mind when you’re ready to build a Custom home.  And trust me, there are even more things that don’t cross your mind that you need to think of.   If only there was a step by step guide on building a Custom home, then it could simplify the process.

Finding the right builder is a great start.

Most builders have an entire team of professionals dedicated to helping you answer any questions you may have as well as solving any potential problems.  So, the question is…. “how do you find the right builder for your home?”  The most important word in that question is “your!”  After all, it is your home, and if you find the right builder, there should be no reason you can’t have a custom home built tailored to your wants and needs, and actually enjoy the process.

Your first question should be, what do you want for your home?

What size of house can you build with your income level?  What kind of styles are even out there?  Do you know what your style is?  Maybe you want a modern home?  What do you need in your home vs. what do you want?  Knowing what your top priorities are will help you tremendously when talking with potential builders. Some builders may not fit the profile of the type of builder that you need, others may have houses that are almost exactly what you want and you can make slight changes to fit exactly what your family needs.  A true custom home builder will eagerly help you visualize and put into words and on paper what kind of house you need and want, and then help you through the process of building, with an honest hard working team and great communication.

Here are a few simple actions you can take if you want to start finding a builder for your home.

Action 1:  Start by talking to any friends & family that have had houses built in your area in the last 10 years.  You can not only get their list of loves/dislikes in their home, but also ask about their experience with the builder.  Would they use them again & if not why?

Action 2:  Talk to a close relative or friend that’s in the real estate or construction business.  We all have a cousin that’s a realtor or uncle that’s in construction or a niece that works at a Bank.  These people are usually more than happy to give their unbiased opinion to a Loved one about the many builders they come in contact with.  Hopefully between these multiple sources you can come up with a list of 3 to 5 builders.  If you don’t have a relative or friend in the business, maybe they know one.

Action 3:  Do a quick search for custom home builders in your area.  Your search will bring up their web pages & you can start to get a feel for their style & the way they run their business. The next step would be to call them & set up face to face meeting.  It’s only at this point will you start to see if there product can meet your expectations.  Pay attention to the reviews on their web pages.

On the next blog we will cover questions to ask when you meet with your builder & why they are relevant.

If you would like to set up a meeting to find out more about building your custom home in Abilene, Texas and surrounding areas, please call us today!

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